SEO For CBD Companies? It is an exciting time for anyone looking to get into the CBD market. It is essential to know that getting your brand to succeed in this space won’t be a walk in the park. Since the 2018 Farm Bill officially legalized hemp and hemp-derived products on a federal level, the floodgates opened. The green wave that was already gaining strength culminated into a monsoon. The CBD market is quickly becoming saturated and highly competitive. If you haven’t begun your marketing plan yet, you run the risk of being swept away by your competition. However, please make no mistake: It might sound like it is almost too late to get in now, but the amount of growth projected for this market in 2021 is enormous. The window of opportunity is still open. 

Facebook, Instagram, And Google’s Restrictions On CBD Advertising

Some challenges that many CBD entrepreneurs face are the restrictions that Facebook, Instagram, and Google have placed on CBD advertisements. Since hemp-derived CBD was just made federally legal at the end of 2018, all CBD isn’t necessarily hemp-derived. Facebook and Google’s approach to dealing with legality’s murky state is to avoid it altogether on their advertising platform. These policies will likely change over time, but not just yet. There is a strong movement pushing for full-on legalization of all marijuana products. Facebook and Google are forward-thinking companies that revise outdated policies frequently. However, for the time being, running advertising campaigns for CBD companies on either platform is not an option at the moment.

Facebook’s restrictions include prohibiting ads that promote the use or sale of illegal drugs, both recreational or prescription. Also, ads showing any drug-related items, the cannabis leaf or plant’s image, or anything that could imply recreational use of a drug will be restricted.

In a similar fashion to Facebook/Instagram, Google also bans cannabis or CBD advertising via their channels. Google’s policy doesn’t allow ads for recreational mind-altering substances. Also restricted are advertisements for products or services that were made to support recreational drug use or ads for content about using, producing or purchasing recreational drugs. If you try to submit these types of ads, they either won’t be approved on Google’s advertising platforms or your account will be flagged for suspension – or both. While CBD is often touted as lacking these effects, the fact that CBD can come from marijuana other than hemp and its potential to be full-spectrum and/or contain some level of THC that is above the legal limit is probably why Google chose to group all CBD content together. 

Turning To SEO Instead Of Paid Ads

With the restrictions imposed by Facebook & Google, many have turned to SEO. Search engine optimization is now becoming essential to online businesses. Many companies have redirected their marketing efforts and budget from paid ads to SEO, a decision they will never regret. Securing placement at the top of Google yields free traffic for months or years to come. But if other brands beat you when it comes to your keywords, you’ll miss out on traffic opportunities. The key is to start a high-quality SEO link-building campaign as soon as possible. In light of the most prominent online paid advertising outlets not being an option, CBD companies choose to go big on SEO.

Investing In SEO Early Will Pay Off In The Long Run

It would be best if you looked at search engine optimization as a long-term investment. The CBD industry is still in its early stages. With a growing understanding of CBD from the public, the higher the demand will be. Most of your potential customers or leads will be searching for information. Ideally, you would be capitalizing on the increase of search intent. Writing well-structured content supplemented by high-quality niche blogger outreach links will place you at the search engines’ top results. You will draw in more readers to your website, inevitably increase your organic traffic and inbound leads.

Scaling Your SEO Campaign 

No matter how big or small your company is, if you lay your SEO foundation down properly, you will be setting yourself up to scale online.

Building out your keyword strategy will help you map out which terms to include in your website. Over time, you will begin to understand which phrases work best. 

Your keyword research and link-building efforts should continue to evolve and change over time, so you will need to revisit your keyword strategy periodically. You’ll also begin to identify opportunities depending on the market’s conditions, so making regular updates to the keywords is vital to staying competitive. 

Don’t forget to optimize your images with ALT tags. ALT tags are what describes an image to the search algorithms. Other things to keep in mind when optimizing your website are 301 redirects, title and description tags, clean URL structures, and header tags. 

The main takeaway: Investing In SEO now is essential to remaining at the top of the search engines later and will help you stay ahead of your competitors in this new CBD boom era.